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Data Visualization

Duke Alumni Survey Infographic


Every two years, the Duke Alumni Association (DAA) sends a survey to get feedback from their alumni on what they value, how they engage with Duke, and what they would like the organization to do differently. The results are used to make changes to signature programming, events, benefits, and more. This year, the DAA wanted to present the results to alumni and colleagues in an easily digestible, engaging, and fun way. The main purpose of sharing the infographic with their audiences was to let them know they listened to them in previous years and made changes that came through positively in the 2018 survey results.

2018 Mali Health Annual Report


This annual report was a collaboration between myself and Mali Health. It was important to show donors how their contributions are making meaningful and life-saving impacts in Mali which was accomplished through storytelling and easily digestible infographics.


Duke Alumni Strategic Plan


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