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Lunch Money Buddy

APRIL 2018

My Role

I led the UX work, producing all major deliverables that were then handed over to the development team.

The Challenge

Design an app called Lunch Money Buddy that allows parents and guardians to manage various aspects of their kids’ school lunch accounts. The user should be able to do the following:

  • Download and sign up using a school-supplied 8-digit code

  • Add funds to the account

  • Control payment methods

  • View the account balance

  • View the school lunch menu per child

  • View the subsidy status

  • Favorite a lunch menu item

  • Close the account

The Approach

After reviewing the functionality requirements and personas, I created various user journeys to fully understand how one might enter into and navigate through Lunch Money Buddy. Then, I used a card sorting exercise to categorize the site map. Using the sitemap and stakeholder feedback, I then created wireframes that could be converted into a testable prototype.


The Result

Through user testing of the prototype, I was able to gather valuable feedback to tweak and enhance the functionality to meet the needs of the user. The feedback resulted in a more viable product that was beneficial and user friendly.


My Reflections

Through this process, I learned that the process of developing a viable product is never really complete. Human behavior changes. Technology changes. And the actual product we have developed will continue to evolve.

With this particular project, I was asked to look at how the parent or guardian would interact with the app. In the end, I wondered how the student, school lunch worker or school admin would also function within the application. I now see that there are multiple users and stakeholders that need to be considered before the product can be fully developed and successful.

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