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Print Design

Duke Alumni Class of 2018 Time Capsule


In collaboration with the Duke Alumni (DAA) marketing director, I created a time capsule that was mailed to the class of 2018 a year after they graduated from Duke. The packet included a personal letter they wrote to themselves at a commencement event in 2018, marketing materials for staying engaged with Duke, and a few fun pieces like a Blue Devil coloring sheet with Forever Duke branded crayons and a 7-degrees of separation Coach K game.

The Moors


I collaborated on various marketing projects with Manbites Dog Theater for about four years until their final season in 2018.


The Moors by Jen Silverman, is a dark comedy about love, desperation, and visibility. Sticking with that theme and the overall landscape of the play, I created a piece that combined several elements to truly capture the essence of the story.

Duke Alumni “Night at the Museum” Program


The Duke Alumni Association planned an exclusive, after-hours tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., shortly after it opened. The museum, which features many Duke and Durham connections, drew nearly 1,400 alumni. Because this was such a high-profile event and the DAA’s largest to date, the program needed to be just as special, while providing useful information to engage attendees.

The program solved a problem DAA was facing: How to engage alumni meaningfully in the expansive museum in a short amount of time. To this end, the program featured a color-coded map that attendees could use to find Duke faculty experts stationed throughout the exhibits. The program showed the photos of those Duke professors and listed suggestions of what attendees could ask them about. Throughout the night, alumni gathered around the Duke faculty for impromptu classroom sessions.

The Talk


Working closely with playwright Sonny Kelly, I created a collection of marketing materials for The Talk, "a one-man show that draws on the voices of ancestors, elders, youths and intellectuals to engage in the difficult conversations that we must have with our children as we prepare them to survive and thrive in a divided America." (UNC)

Learn more about Sonny Kelly and his work here.

Manbites Dog Theater Season Brochure


The theme for the season brochure was to be fun and bold. Using vibrant colors and iconography, each play was woven together to create a cohesive lineup for the year.

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